How to do it in Savefrom ?

- Enter a URL Youtube into the input field and press Enter or click the "DOWNLOAD" button to the right of the input field.
- If you enter a URL that is not true, then this will be marked with a Warning (red), and the Download button will not work.
- And after all of his right, please wait a moment, our system is working, this mark with Loading... to bring up what your looking for.
- Then you will be shown the title bar and the matched image, and allows shows some options on the Download link.
- Moreover, if you do a search video with certain duration, it will display also in mp3 format and can be downloaded, and it is good to find a format mp3.
- Please choose according to your wishes, and enjoy our service.

How to play .flv Files?

We offer you the video player "VideoLAN" alternative. Please Download and install VideoLAN from the official site (28 MB).